News © SE System Engineering AG 2011 Mini Needle Shut-off Nozzle With the SES 0 Mini Shut-off Nozzle was realized a simple, compact and economical Needle Shut-Off Nozzle for easy applications which prevent drooling without the need for melt decompression. More Informationen Hot Runner  Temperature Control Systems -  GMFE serie Not new, just proven itself countless times... Compatible with DME G-Serie, Smart-Serie, Athena and other units Dual-Digital-Display Reliable, user-friendly 3-key tactile interface Mnemonics Closed-Loop-Mode (auto) or open (manually) More Informationen Mini-Shut TM SE System Engineering imports and distributes exclusive the mini shut-off nozzle Mini-Shut TM. Mini-shut is a patented product from our distribution partner in the U.S. and is an ideal addition to our SE shut-off nozzle program.