SE Needle shut-off nozzles SE Shut-off nozzles are generally used when processing low viscosity thermoplastics or if you want to run the screw while  the mold is opening. Precise shut-off and reliable closing are the critical tasks of any shut-off nozzle and are the preconditions for trouble-free, economic production. Due to closing during metering and controlled back pressure you will reach shorter cycle time and a homogenous melt stream. The completely redesigned shut-off nozzle from SE System Engineering is a hightech product and one of the world‘s best nozzle. SE-nozzles are completly wear protected with latest CVD/PVD technology and guarantee a trouble-free production. Optimised heat transport of melt Optimised streaming technology High troughput by minimal pressure Minimized shearing of melt Compact and solid design with easy handling Interchangable parts between different nozzle types Options available from stock © SE System Engineering AG 2011 Easy assembling and desassembling Quick and easy cleaning Our actuators are equipped with special hightech seals Hydraulic actuator is water cooled Trouble free production Single hole Technology Intelligent design Easy construction Hightech actuator Please select a product group Type SEP pneumatic/hydraulic Type SES spring operated Options Mini Needle Shut-off spring operated