BMS Standards As an optimal complementary program to our own shut-off nozzle SE System Engineering distribute standards from BMS. With a wide range of high standard components with intresting terms we can cover almost every section. From 14'000 available items you will find your corresponding part for sure. Please ask for an offer or contact us  for a personal advice.     © SE System Engineering AG 2011 Please select a product group The catalogs are currently still in French or German. The new English version will follow soon. Please add 10% on the current prices of the catalogs.   Heaters Heaterbands Cartridge heaters Heater plates Insulation sleeves Temperature Regulation Thermocouples Temperature control units Accesories Purging Parting and cleaning Grease Brushes Pliers and tools Hand tools Pneumatic pliers Heated pliers Separating Magnetic grids Magnetic separator Handling Clamping device Brides ZPS System Fluid Technology Distribution units Flow meters Couplings Hoses Screws and Barrels Screws Barrels Screw tips Nozzles Open nozzles Shut-off nozzles Filter- and mixing nozzles Peripherals Conveyors Separators Material handling Alarm systems Workshop Equipment Hammers Safty equipment Scales Pick Off Tools Profiles Vacuum Fittings Conveyors Overview Nozzles Slide moving table New catalogues (German)